YAAACE has benefited my child by helping with his schoolwork. Also, they have helped him to be more positive. YAAACE is a benefit to the community because they help children stay out of trouble and they show them positive role models. Overall, YAAACE is a good program to have in the community. Thanks.

– Kim Benoit

YAAACE benefits my child because it gives him a chance to interact with other children his age, since he is the last child in my family. YAAACE also makes certain that the children are well rounded. I like their daily activities and compliment them for making sure that even though it is summer, some serious work gets done and pleasure time is still enjoyed. YAAACE also cares about the health of our children. They also provide nutritious food for the children, which also gives the parents peace of mind knowing that their child is being provided with a nutritious meal every day. YAAACE benefits the community, media, and agencies.

– Parent

YAAACE is very beneficial to me and my child in a lot of ways. For one I have somewhere to leave her when I’m at work. I know she’s in good hands. She has been learning a lot. She gets to interact with other children. She enjoys the things they do at the camp. She gets to make new friends. And for me, it helps me get stuff done.

– Veronica

Overall, I think this was a very good camp. I like the variety of activities and combination of academics and play. I know my children will be more prepared for school this fall. Thanks.

– Trisha Smith, P.T.O

Thank God for the YAAACE camp!! Not only is the staff good, they put education first along with health programs (Sport) keeping kids active for the summer. We will be back!! Thanks.

– S.

Thank you to all staff members who took part in the YAAACE summer camp. Thank you for making my children’s summer (Kimani, JahZaiah) a one to remember. We hope to participate in the fun next year. Good Luck!

– Ricardo Langley

A wonderful place to spend your summer. Live, love & learn. So much promise and talent.

– T. Walten

From what we had the privilege to see, and learn about today, there needs to be more programs like this one. It provides a service that has so much value for kids with so much potential. Also, this is the most smile-filed place I’ve seen all summer. Thanks for sharing it with us.

– Ayshah Hasham

YAAACE camp has been an amazing experience for my children as both a camper and counselor. The opportunities they have received and activities they have participated in have never been offered in any other camp they have attended. Thank you Mr. Jones & YAAACE staff. See you next year!

– Aruna Sharma

I am very happy that I chose YAAACE! My son had a great time and was engaged in the lessons. He was treated like family and made some great connections. The staff was great and I really appreciated all of the support and love. We will be back next summer with two sons and plan to sign up for small ball. Thanks!!!

– Michelle Hughes

YAAACE as an organization provides an opportunity to have an outlet to both improve and gain knowledge of their skills.

– C. Gilgeous

THANK YOU SO MUCH YAAACE! YAAACE is so amazing. It provides our children with opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time. Myself and my wife are deeply impressed. One thing among the good things here is the punctuality hard work and friendliness of the entire members of the staff of YAAACE, to each and every one of them, we are profoundly grateful. Thanks so immensely for all that you are imparting to the children, all the great trips and nutritious foods as well. THANK YOU YAAACE EVER SO MUCH.

– Paul Modimu

YAAACE tries very hard to provide the children of the community with a safe place and keeps them occupied and off the streets and out of the malls, by offering all sorts of programs. Very Good! YAAACE brings in speakers from a range of different agencies.

YAAACE, congrats for the work you are doing in this community.

– Carolle Gilgeous

They learn to socialize. Community needs such programs to put kids in the right direction.

– Dan Sharma

They are providing an affordable summer program that benefits the kids with opportunities for social development in a respectful way – physical development (swimming, baseball, basketball, etc), appreciation of the arts (music, dance, crafts) while providing daily programs to challenge the kids in fundamental subjects (numeracy and literacy). No doubt, the program is having a positive impact on their overall development, which will be carried over into the school year.

– Tiffani London


God bless you all!

– Mark Adler, M.P

Keep the faith. You make such a difference in so many lives. The work you do is incredibly valuable- you are truly giving these kids hope. Keep up the fantastic work.

– Marmé, Office of Mark Adler, MP

I am so blessed to have this wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the lives of YAAACE students.

– Kisrene McKenzie, K-1 Teacher

Thanks to all the students for their hard work and dedication this summer. I know that the students have greatly benefited from this experience. Good luck next year!

– J. Spence

Thank you for having me at YAAACE this morning! I am happy to be here and to have the opportunity to see how excited and engaged the kids are at camp. You are giving the kids a wonderful opportunity to share with each other and learn new skills, while having lots of fun! Keep up the great work! Best wishes for many more successful programs.

– Maja Mikarorska, United Way Toronto

YAAACE is the most amazing summer program I have ever worked at. It offers an amazing blend of academics and variety of arts activities that keeps both counselors and campers engaged. I look forward to having many more great experiences with YAAACE,

– Ms. Mark, TDSB Teacher

Thank you for creating this unique and engaging experience for children. This program was a beautiful combo of FUN and learning.

Best wishes for many years to come.

– Ms. Nelson

Very inspiring, terrific model for whole of Toronto.

– Judy A. Sgro, Member of Parliament

Devon, you are a man on a mission with a vision. You know where you want to take our children. Our children are our most precious resource. Like natural resources, too many are buried beneath the surface. Your mission is to develop our children’s potential. To see them rise, WE must help them rise. Keep it Going!

– Karl Subban

YAAACE Summer Camp is the best in the community. The children are awesome. The staff is great with the kids. The food is the best. Mr. Jones adores these children as though they are his own. The young staff is very appreciated to TDSB for the opportunity.

– Stephanie Payne, Trustee Ward 4