The Summer Institute program represents YAAACE’s continued commitment to actively engage children and youth by providing them with a rich educational and social experience.  The mandate of the Summer Institute is twofold: to enhance the literacy and numeracy capacity of our students and to provide our students with rich expanded opportunities (technology, science and the arts).


Program cost : $ 150          Dates:

The YAAACE Institute program and services provide families who are below the LICO (low income cut off) with supports to address programming for their children while positively impacting their socio-economic circumstance through our partner organizations.  The provision of meaningful and dynamic STEM based activities and recreational programs is one of the pillars of our operational framework.


Program cost : $ 75           Dates:

Y.A.A.A.C.E’s mandate is to provide quality, affordable and accessible programming for children and youth. Through our grassroots developmental program – Small Ball D League, we have designed a robust basketball strategy with the aim of growing the game across the city and providing accessible programming to all.

Program cost: $75         Dates:

The Health & Wellness is a national initiative to provide a health and wellness infrastructure across Canada.  It seeks to engage children and youth and their families from all communities, particularly those from marginalized, racialized and under-resourced communities in quality and accessible programming.

Program cost: No cost     Dates: May 4th, 2020 – present

The Automotive Parts Manufacture’s Association (APMA) is partnering with YAAACE to provide racialized youth access to the skilled trade, in particular Machine, Tool, Dye and Mould (MTDM).  The introductory trades training program seeks to address the skilled trades gap for racialized youth in the GTA in particular those from marginalized and under-resourced communities.

Program cost:     Dates:

The Corporate Civic Engagement and Corporate Capital Strategy seeks to partner with Fortune 50 and Fortune 100 corporations to introduce children and youth from marginalized and under-resourced communities to the varying dynamics of Corporate Canada.

Program cost:     Dates:

The High Performance Academy enables our children and youth to have access to both elite athletics and athletic programming (such as CYBL, AAU, etc.) usually not accessible because of the draconian cost associated with such activities. Through our development and high-performance streams, our children and youth have access to elite athletic programming and development. Many program participants access post-secondary education through scholarships because of the opportunities leveraged by their involvement in sports.

Program cost:     Dates:

The Family Engagement Strategy seeks to ensure that there is an infrastructure tasked with building capacity in children and youth and providing advocacy to parents, guardians and caregivers regarding the various social service agencies: child welfare, education, etc.  The strategy seeks to connect children and youth with kind and caring adults.  The strategy also seeks to provide family mediation services with the hopes of connecting disengaged parents to their children.

Program cost:     Dates:

My Child’s Legacy is a national coalition coordinated and led by YAAACE tasked with engaging government, educational institutions, child welfare agencies, stakeholders, etc. in mitigating the disproportionately larger number of homicides of school aged children and youth.  The demographic data reveals that disproportionately the victims of school aged homicides are perennially, marginalized, racialized, Black students and students from under-resourced communities.  The strategic direction of My Child’s Legacy is informed by the parents of the victims of school aged homicides.

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