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Weekend Academy

THON MAKER’s Weekend Academy falls under the academic intervention phase of our social inclusion framework. The Weekend Academy seeks to provide alternative academic support for students from communities who perennially fall below the provincial standard. The initiative is a proactive attempt to mitigate the levels of academic attrition in particular communities. By targeting students in the elementary panel (Grades JK-8), the phase seeks to target the most volatile cohort of students: those diagnosed with a learning exceptionality or concurrent disorder; those dealing with an absentee parent or absentee parents; those dealing with issues around bereavement; those dealing with exposure to violence or trauma; and for any other variable that would facilitate student under-achievement and subsequent disengagement. The model is unique in the sense that, it not only accommodates the children and youth on the weekends, but it allows the wraparound mentor the opportunity to micromanage the student by coordinating with the school and home to ensure student success. The rationale is that we must address the achievement gap sooner than later.

Thon Maker’s Weekend Academy

Fall Session 1: October 15th/2016 – December 17th/2016
Winter Session 2: January 7th/2017 – March 11th/2017
Spring Session 3: March 25th/2017 – June 3rd/2017

League Hotline: 416-567-7994

Some of the academic support and resources that will be provided are listed below:

  • intensive academic intervention and support for struggling students, in particular the disproportionately high number of marginalized, inner city students from under-resourced communities, who fall below the provincial standards  in literacy and in numeracy
  • initial assessment in literacy and numeracy
  • comprehensive wraparound support – in schools and in the community
  • in school, after school and weekend support for struggling students
  • monthly workshops delivered to participants around the implications of academic deficits and academic disengagement
  • monthly workshop delivered to parents around the implication of student disengagement and viable engagement and re-engagement strategies
  • access to psychological services for students who are struggling, might be on the school board’s waiting list or who might have one or more learning exceptionalities
  • parent academy and engagement
  • EQAO test, Literacy test and SAT tutorials


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Program Schedule

No sessions are currently scheduled. Please check back for updates or for more information.