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Baby Jays

The Youth Association for Academics Athletics and Character Education (YAAACE), in association with The Michael “Pinball” Clemons Foundation (MPCF), has launched a year round comprehensive baseball program – “Baby Jays”.  “Baby Jays” is a program designed for children and youth from under-resourced communities or students deemed ‘at risk’. The ambassadors for this program are former Toronto Blue Jays super star – Roberto Alomar and former Toronto Argonaut – Mike ‘Pinball’ Clemons.  This program is a new addition to YAAACE’s “Social Inclusion Strategy”; (an intervention strategy that accommodates 300 children and youth annually and pivots on the following operational framework: outreach and wrap around; the arts, athletics and expanded opportunities; academic intervention and research and curriculum development).  We are seeking to accommodate up to 60 elementary school students from grades 1 through 3 with weekly instructional baseball training at the state of the art facility; Pro Teach Baseball, in the local community and at our March Break and Summer Institute.

“Baby Jays” is a conduit to providing children and youth with opportunities that are afforded to their counterparts in more affluent communities.  Whether the players are beginners or advanced in baseball, “Baby Jays” is the perfect program to assist them in their athletic and social trajectory. We believe that intervening the norms of these areas and making opportunities such as baseball, that are not readily accessible to those from poor racialiized communities, will help with socializing and further building the capacity of our ‘at-risks’ children and youth. Our children, especially those who are traditionally known as our lowest achievers, or are most likely to be disengaged from school and become involved in the criminal justice system, deserve a fair starting point in life and, at YAAACE, we would like to assist in this capacity. To further accommodate the needs of the parents and youth, we will also be providing players with transportation to and from the baseball facility which is located in Etobicoke.

YAAACE is working with Pro Teach to deliver this amazing initiative.  Pro Teach Baseball’s indoor and outdoor camps have assisted in developing over 40,000 players and coaches for organizations all across Ontario since 1993.  All of the baseball instructors have a minimum of U.S. college baseball experience, with several playing professional baseball. Pro Teach has a 10,000 sq. ft. indoor facility with two 65 foot batting cages, two clay pro pitching mounds along with a 4,000 sq. ft. fielding area. The High Performance strength and conditioning class is baseball specific which will help introduce baseball movement, agility and speed to your children at a young age. This is an elite baseball club that we want to give societies’ underprivileged youth access to, predominantly children and youth who reside in the Jane/Finch and surrounding communities.

Please join us in this forward movement and sign your children up for “Baby Jays”.  Help us on our path to make the world a happier experience for all our children.

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Program Schedule

No sessions are currently scheduled. Please check back for updates or for more information.