The High Performance Academy

Over the years, YAAACE’s contribution has leveraged many children and youth with first class programming and amazing opportunities. YAAACE’s athletic programming has allowed children and youth opportunities that they would not normally have access to. YAAACE relishes the opportunity to deliver affordable quality programming accessible to all.

The High Performance Academy enables our children and youth to have access to both elite athletics and athletic programming (such as CYBL, AAU, etc.) usually not accessible because of the draconian cost associated with such activities. Through our development and high-performance streams, our children and youth have access to elite athletic programming and development. Many program participants access post-secondary education through scholarships because of the opportunities leveraged by their involvement in sports.

The High Performance Academy seeks to identify children and yoouth who display precocious abilities and accelerated growth along the basketball continuum. Once identified, the child-athlete has the option to then be immersed in our elite development/high performance training programming or continue to play basketball, recreationally in the house league.

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