Automotive Sector

The Automotive Parts Manufacture’s Association (APMA) is partnering with YAAACE to provide racialized youth access to the skilled trade, in particular Machine, Tool, Dye and Mould (MTDM).  The introductory trades training program seeks to address the skilled trades gap for racialized youth in the GTA in particular those from marginalized and under-resourced communities.  The program will provide youth with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with local employers in the machine, tool, die & Mould (MTDM) industry and receive a weekly stipend while they are in training.  Eligible applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 25, be a resident of Ontario, and have a passion to learn a skilled trade and work in the MTDM industry.  The APMA in association with the Canadian Tool and Manufacturing Association (CTMA) launched the proposed “earn while you learn” program in Windsor, Ontario.  Since its inception in 2014, 85 youth have successfully completed the program and been permanently hired within the MTDM sector in Ontario.  The APMA will liaison with its 200+ members to facilitate the Introductory Trades Training Program (ITTP) to help employers create new positions for youth (ages 18-25) who are Black, racialized or residents of a under-resourced community, residents of Toronto and have the right attitude & aptitude to work in the MTDM industry.


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